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A poster from an early label showcase night in London

A poster from a Dancing Turtle label showcase night in London, December 2007

Dancing Turtle incorporates a record label, film production company, creative agency and global news hub.

We launched Dancing Turtle Records in 2005, with a remit to produce music from emerging artists around the world. Releases have come from artists as far afield as Japan, Brazil, Italy and the UK, under the banner ‘music acts without prejudice’. Amongst our releases is the Merdeka compilation, which brought together artists from 17 countries around the world, raising awareness for West Papua’s independence struggle.

The digital arm of the business, Dancing Turtle Media, was set up in 2008, acting as a creative production and social media agency. We’ve worked with clients as varied as Mercury Music Prize nominees Asian Dub Foundation, the independent music festival Green Man, record labels including On-U Sound and Mais Um Discos, and a permaculture farm in Ethiopia.

In 2010, Dancing Turtle Films launched, exploring current affairs stories that are not usually covered by mainstream media. Our first production, an undercover documentary called Forgotten Bird of Paradise, was featured on BBC Newsnight, premiered at the Raindance Film Festival and was awarded Best Documentary at the 2011 Dam Short Film Festival in the US. Other films we’ve made include Being King Arthur, a biopic on the self-proclaimed reincarnation of the legendary British leader. A feature length documentary about the Nobel Peace Prize nominated West Papua independence leader Benny Wenda, a short film on anti-government protests in Turkey, and an undercover report on the self-determination movement in Western Sahara are amongst our other releases.Dancing Turtle's films have been shown at festivals including Raindance and FiSaharaThis website serves a hub for all our ongoing work, and the Dancing Turtle online store contains releases from our music and film catalogue. You can also connect with us on Twitter and YouTube. If you’d like to discuss working together then please reach out through our contact page.