July 3, 2023

Remembering Conrad Colson aka Inkliing

Conrad Colson tragically passed away in 2022 at the age of 34.We’re deeply saddened to share the belated news that music producer Conrad Colson, aka “Inkliing”, tragically passed away last year at the age of 34 following a long battle with mental illness.

Conrad was an immensely talented producer and released his self-titled debut EP on the Dancing Turtle label in 2008. He went on to work with producers including Nightmares On Wax and Crackazat, and also remixed music acts including Amycanbe and the Lani Singers.

In recent years Conrad had focused his music productions in the realm of house music. A posthumous EP release called ‘Firefly’ came out earlier this year on the house music label Closer To Truth, bringing together the jazz and electronic dance music influences that Conrad blended in output.

In agreement with Conrad’s family, Dancing Turtle will also be releasing a selection of his previously unreleased tracks, produced under his Inkliing alias during the early years of his career. Titled “Weekending”, the six track EP will be available from 1st September through our website and on-demand platforms including Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. The artwork for the release has been created by Conrad’s father, the artist Richard Colson.

Please spread the word and join us in celebrating the memory of Conrad’s life and rich talent.