ElpoepImagine a sound where Aphex Twin collides with Nick Drake, and you’ll get an idea of what lays in store with our latest signing, Elpoep.

This folk/electronica duo focus on simple layered melodies with attention to space and harmony.

Elpoep is Theodore and Sylvan Heally – two gardeners, artists, music lovers and storytellers who spend most of their time at home with friends, partying and living a river garden lifestyle and making music.

We can’t go backwards, we can’t turn back time, but as everything moves in cycles perhaps we are going backwards as we go forwards. Back to where everything was less complicated and the mother was celerbrated and not destroyed. Lennon and Yoko sang “woman is the nigger of the world”, I think thats how some people feel about our true mother. It’s crazy.

Elpoep or People Backwards is their attempt to make sense of the world we find ourselves in today. We’re in between the past and the future, but aren’t we always…..

Buy Elpoep’s debut EP here