Hospital BombersMedway bred Hospital Bombers are a story of broken homes, unpaid loans and distractional illusions, tied together through the delicate song writing of Chris Austin, the melodic sure footed stepping of Reginald Driver’s bass guitar, and the drum beat rhythms of Chris Taylor.

It is through their shared love of the lo-fi aesthetic and a celebrated confrontational stance regarding the everyday bullshit of living that sits Hospital Bombers in a world where nothing is lost and anything that happens must happen on their own terms.

The band formed when long standing friends Chris Austin and Reginald Driver began working on material after Chris sketched out a few of his own songs while on a break from Lupen Crook and The Murderbirds (for whom he played lead guitar/synths and curiosities). Reginald Driver, enthused by the tracks he’d heard began work immediately, bringing life to the songs and resolve to the project. Hospital Bombers were up and running, and by the time Chris Taylor had joined on drums, they were positively flying! 

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