Being King Arthur is a feature length documentary about Johnny Rothwell, a former British soldier turned self-proclaimed reincarnation of the legendary British leader, King Arthur.Being King Arthur is a documentary about one of the UK’s most fascinating individuals – Johnny Rothwell – a former soldier and biker who claims to be the reincarnation of the legendary British leader, King Arthur.

Jonny Rothwell’s realisation that he was King Arthur occurred in 1986 while staying in a friend’s squat in the town of Basingstoke. It was here that Jonny came to understand that the daydream world he would often drift into since childhood was in fact dark-age Britain.

Since then, equipped in full battle robes, crown, and carrying his four and a half foot Celtic broad sword Excalibur (made for the 1981 movie) and riding his trusty steed – a Triumph motorcycle – he has taken up his quest: to fight for truth, honour and justice.

Jonny Rothwell’s new life as King Arthur has taken him from the frontline of the road protest movements at Newbury, to two failed attempts to win a seat in the Houses of Parliament. There have also been ongoing battles against English Heritage at the High Court of Justice in his attempts to provide free access to Stonehenge and prevent the removal of ancient remains from the site.

Provided with rare and exclusive access over the course of a year, Being King Arthur tells the remarkable story of a very modern day King and his fight for just causes.

Filmed, directed & edited by Max Conil
Co-produced by Dominic Brown & Max Conil

30 mins   |   2013   |   16:9

– Community Channel, UK, 2014
– Byron Bay International Film Festival, 2013
– Seattle True Independent Festival, 2013
– Justice Film Festival, 2013
– Green Man, 2013