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Global e-waste mountain costing economy $52bn a year

The dumping of a record amount of electronic and electrical equipment last year resulted in the global economy wasting around $52bn in materials that could have been profitably recovered and reused, the UN has found.

Research by the UN University … Read More

SPLM leadership discuss ways to achieve peace in South Sudan

South Sudanese president and leader of the ruling party Salva Kiir convened a leadership meeting on Wednesday, bringing together members of the SPLM political bureau to discuss strategies aimed at ending the ongoing conflict.

Held at the South Sudanese presidency … Read More

Rescued African Migrants Recount Ordeal in Mediterranean

Survivors rescued off the Libyan coast by the Italian Coast Guard gave harrowing accounts of small boats packed with migrants that were overwhelmed by high waves, which washed scores of people overboard to their deaths … Read More

afriLeaks: A new whistleblowing platform for African media

afriLeaks, a joint project of the African Network of Centres for Investigative Reporting and the Hermes Centre for Transparency and Digital Human Rights launched today.

AfriLeaks will give people a chance to leak sensitive information anonymously. The site’s founders say it … Read More